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Come and join us for a special gathering devoted to each one of our ANGEL HEARTS.


This gathering will take place inside the art exhibiton, Angels Round 'N' Round by Ronit Joy Holtz, a space of artistic intention. Together we will express ourselves and dive into healing through YOGA, MEDITATION and CREATION.

Friday, January 27th, 10:00-15:00

  • 10:00-  doors open

  • 10:15- Guest Speaker- Orit Klapisch

  • 11:15- Yoga begins

  • 12:30- Light brunch

  • 13:00- Art workshop

  • 14:30- wrap up

This gathering was put together to honor our unique experiences and praise our strong spirits through all life's ups and downs. As the new year comes rolling in, we will focus on the brave calling within us, to connect to who we are in two workshops: 

  1. Releasing, grounding and connecting to the rhythm of life through our bodies that carry our spirit, heart, soul and mind with yoga and meditation.

  2. We will create an art piece drawing from a well of unconditional love towards ourselves, to remind us the essence of who we are past all our traumas & pain.

About the gathering:

IMG_0429 2.jpg

Sandra Yoga

Sandra is a yoga teacher and owner of We Yoga Studio in Rosh HaAyin, She has been Practicing and exploring yoga, mEditation and buddhism for the past 9 years. Sandra believes in unconditional love and the connection from humans to mother nature as a medicine: this belief reflects through everything she does in yoga.

Ronit Joy Holtz


Ronit is a contemporary studio artist and art teacher living in Tel Aviv. Her artwork is inspired by growth and healing while exploring the infinite visual possibilities of mixed media. Ronit's recent work connects to spiritual themes of angels and healing through loss and grief. Overall, her vision is to utilize art and education as a tool, enhancing the one's creative spirit.


Angels Round 'N' Round Art Exhibition

Alfasi 2, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Meet our Guest speaker: Orit Klapisch

Orit Klapisch is a Movement Therapist, Body Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist. She is a teacher at Tmurot Dynamic Psychotherapy in Bar-Ilan University, while also in the process of completing her PHD. She believes in therapeutic relationships as a basis of healing, where the body is a source of inner wisdom. She works with the “inner dialogue” for reconciliation of “self parts.” Orit will be coming to the Angel Heart Gathering to speak about her practice, share knowledge on trauma and impart wisdom to us.


to reserve a spot, buy a ticket below

angel price: 260 nis

For more information & updates: 

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