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A Candle Lit Forever, For You.

 A candle lit forever, for you. 

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by October 7th, 2023. 

It began with the festival massacre and horrifically unfolded throughout the south of Israel: in our neighborhoods, communities, kibbutzim, to our friends, soldiers, brothers, and our sisters. We are facing one of the darkest times to us as Jews, as Israelis and the broader spectrum of people in Israel.

I too, like countless others, have lost many friends and am still waiting for others to return home. 

I too, am heartbroken for what has happened to our community and what we are faced to heal from.

I too, feel the urge to commemorate the lives of those angels taken from us, as well as those still in need of our hope and healing.


This is why I created the painting below, “A candle lit forever, for you.” When words are not enough to express the pain, art comes in. This painting is for the 1,400 ones, our special ones, our dearest family and friends, the psy-trance music community and for ALL people in Israel. Together we stand in heartbreak, in unity, in darkness and in light.

To The Ones Who Danced

🕯️: To the ones who Danced,


🕯️: To the ones healing from the trauma or still in it, YOU'RE COMING HOME,



🕯️: To the ones who Protected us,


🕯️: To the ones we love,

And to the ones we miss,
A candle lit forever, for you.



The Painting:


My desire as an artist is to create a LARGE SCALE room in an OUTSIDE public space. The view from the exterior will be 3 closed walls and 1 wall with an opening. Each wall is painted with a mural and each wall will have shelves so the viewer can light and place candles.

When the viewer walks into the room, they will see that the walls are all black. This inside space is to write names, prayers, and wishes that commemorates the lives and angels of October 7th-now.

The art installation has no ceiling, it is an open roofed room so that the viewer can see the sky: a symbol of hope.  

The Plan:

Visual Rendering:


The Room:  (previous installation)

A Call For Support:  

The project began from creating a painting in my back yard and soon after hundreds of people asked me to light a candle for them in solidarity or in memory of someone. I realized there was not enough space to commemorate the scale of memory this time holds, therefore this art installation plan was birthed. In order for this art installation to work in the scale that it needs to, support from the community is vital. I truly believe that this art installation will touch so many lives from the members of the psy-trance community, beloved families, loved ones and all those who see the candles flame of light shining bright amongst the darkest of times.

If you would like to be a part of making this project, or have a space/gallery/event for the installation to exist in, please contact me via email:

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