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Photographed by Micaela Holtz & Yael Silberberg


TEL AVIV— A solo art exhibition by emerging artist, Ronit Joy Holtz from Kadima, Israel. The exhibition: Angels Round 'N' Round, is opening at a venue called HaKibbutz 21 in Tel Aviv. Angels Round 'N' Round highlight’s Holtz’s personal journey in discussing the afterlife through the experiences of trauma and loss. The artwork speaks to comfort those who mourn, painting a journey that all of us have or will experience: the loss of family and/or one’s self. Overall, Holtz’s work illuminates hopes to heal through spirituality, accepting one's fate and coping with life's inevitable, ongoing circle.

OPENING RECEPTION: January 26th, 19:00-23:00

The exhibition's opening reception is free and open to the public.

The venue is located at Alfasi 2, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Angels Round 'N' Round Art Exhibition

Alfasi 2, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

A visit to the studio, photographed by Ori Ben Zvi:

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